Tom Sutherland 1001 Day of Captivity
Memorial at Colorado State University

March 5, 1988

Photos by Don Eddy

A Day of Remembrance

The people of Fort Collins, Colorado gathered together one
cold late winter day to remember one of their own held
captive in Beirut, Lebanon. A useless technique, hostage taking, was to
be proven by Tom and others.

Father Jenco, also a hostage recently released, was in attendance.
He had, during his captivity, been allowed to visit Tom.

Tom's daughters were there, Kit and Joan. His wife, Jeanne,
however was in Beirut at the time with the American Univer-
sity, teaching English.

There was a small group of Middle-eastern students there as well.
Some of them had even studied under Tom's tutelage.

This was the first large gathering of several to follow.

I was working in CSU's Instructional Services at the time.
Right next door was television services.
When I asked if they would be covering the event,
they said they didn't have a request or purchase order.

So I covered the event on my own with my own equipment.