Minor White Returns
Visitations Along the Big Thompson

All photographs copyright

Don Eddy

Sequence #1

Limited Edition of five sets

Minor White #6
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From "Ramblings," September 20, 1992:

    On the cold, brisk, and bright sunny day of, September 12, 1992, a short stop along the Big Thompson Canyon, headed for Estes Park, felt to be appropriate. In that hour among the heavy rocks, boulders, and rushing waters I recognized then what Minor White had known for years—that recognition of “knowing” solidified.

    My audience is very limited for the images are ethereal. From Minor’s Visual Communication class at RIT in 1962-3 re: audience response – there can be no prediction. Those who see equivalents see them, those who don’t, don’t.

    Archival prints are six by nine inches centered on eight by ten inch silver-in-gelatin photographic paper. Each print is corner mounted on fourteen by seventeen over-matted with four-ply Light Impressions Exeter conservation board.

     The remaining set is priced at $3,200 delivered in a black museum presentation box.

Don Eddy
4710 Laurel Street, Bellaire, TX 77401

cell: (713) 660-0199


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