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I am a Generalist Photographer
with a penchant for 1) reportage and 2) black and white portraits.

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Lewis Hine Ellis Island



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Cows in East Colorado

(Some weird, some not so weird)

Galleria area Houston Texas

Houston, Texas
(Night time Uptown)

Colorado State Capitol Building

Denver, Colorado
(A few days in downtown)

St Francis Mission Rancho des Taos New Mexico New Mexico
(Intepretations from several years to Taos and Cimmeron)


A home near Portland Maine

Ann's Place
(First impressions of a warm home)

Camden Maine

Time in New England
(Personal time at the 4th International Photo Congress)

Don Eddy Photography
GMCMI RV Spring 2010 Convention
(Excellent gathering at KOA Lake Conroe, TX)
Don Eddy Photography
Houston to San Jose, Round-trip
(To conduct night time workshop in Monterey, CA)
Houston Dog Show
Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows 2007
(My first dog show visit)
Irwin and Esther Edwards
Katrina & Rita, Thanksgiving 2006
(A short visit to and from my 103 yr old father)
Larry was my hospital room mate

Larry wanted to give blood
(my room mate in Rochester General Hospital)

Grand Prix Houston
Grand Prix of Houston-Preparations Wed 2007
Grand Prix Houston
Grand Prix of Houston-Practice-Qualify Fri 2007
Grand Prix Houston
Grand Prix Houston
Grand Prix Houston
Roger Panske in the US Grand Prix 1962
U.S. Grand Prix 1962
Includes revealing of Mustang and Stingray
Trabzon Turkey

Trabzon, Turkey 1959
(Most from the first rolls with my first Leica, an M3)

Trabzon Turkey

Man in Window, Trabzon, Turkey 1959
(I watched him watching others)

First symposium of the Society for Photographic Education at the George Eastman House
Society for Photographic Education Symposium
(Second symposium 1964 George Eastman House)

Camp Casey

Cindy Sheehan at Crawford, Texas
(It was 104 but they stuck it out)

Urban Renewal Rochester, NY

64 Mill Street
(A visual response to the cold war)

Wedding Celebration 65 years

65 Years Celebrated
(A street photography workshop led to the
Catholic Church in Salinas, California)

San Francisco Anti Iraq War March
Anti-Iraq War March—San Francisco
(Another unheeded march by disenchanted Americans)

4th of July, Ft. Collins, CO

4th of July - Ft. Collins, CO
(Denverites invade the small town
but most have a good time)

Farm Auction Fort Collins Colorado

Country Grocery Store and Garage Forced Sale
(Death and hospital bills drove them to sell)

Tom Sutherland 1001 day of captivity

Beirut, Lebanon Hostage—Thom Sutherland
(CSU didn't have money to document this 1001
day remembrance of hostage Thom, so I did it
on my nickel)

Martin Luther King Jr., Black Tuesday March, Rochester, NY

Martin Luther King Jr.'s "Black Tuesday March"
(My boss at Kodak said I'd suffer the consequences
if I left. I left.)

Marting Luther King Jr., Black Tuesday March, Rochester, NY

"Black Tuesday March," contact prints
(some people like to view contacts)

Memorial Art Gallery Rochester, NY

Celebrating Ourselves
(three days after Black Tuesday March and
a few blocks away)

Head First Band of Houston

Head First Band of Houston, 2003
(My son's band while I visited Houston)

Head First Band of Houston


Head First Band at Hush-Houston, 2004
(I moved from Monterey to Houston!
Why? Most people ask.)

JJA Awards, 2003

Jazz Journalist Assoc. Awards—Carmel, CA 2003
(No, Clint Eastwood was not there!)

Monterey Bay Blues Festival 2003
(A large out-of-doors venue.)

Published Work

Editorial and Advertising photographs by Don Eddy>

Corporate & Editorial
(some of my work from the 1960s, 70s, and 80s)

Where the Parades Are

Where the Parades Are; Our Main Streets (Grad students project RIT)


Upstate New York

Vintage 4x5 Polaroids from the 1960s

Ferrari in Bellaire, Texas

Italian Landscapes
(A neighbor's afternoon picnic!)

Colorado Clouds by Don Eddy

Colorado Clouds, Michelangelo's Inspirations
(from my old backyard in Ft. Collins, Colorado)

Upstate New York

Fog, Farms, and Roadways
(Places passed during morning runs near Avon, NY)

Minor White Returns
(An epiphany out of depression)

Street Photography Workshop

My Workshops
(California and Texas)
Nude WorkshopImages from Cole Weston's
2002 Nude Workshop
(Last one before Cole died within a year)
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