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Crawford, TX Aug 27, 2005 + Davidian Compound

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Crawford 1 Crawford 2 Crawford 3
Camp Casey 1
Roll 050827A1
Camp Casey 1, frames 0-14
On route to Camp Casey 2, frames 15-21 includes first security road block
Camp Casey 2, frames 22-34
Camp Casey 2, frames 0-5
Crawford including Peace House and Camp Qualls, remaining frames
Crawford 4 Crawford 5 Crawford 6
Crawford, TX: Gary Qualls and souvenier shop, frames 0-6
Camp Casey: Russell Means and Cindy Sheehan, remaining
Camp Casey 2: Cindy Sheehan, Joan Baez, Russell Means
Camp Casey 2: Russell Means talk to audience about matriarchal versus patriarchal societies, frames 1-32. Word has it that the tent use at Camp Casey 2 was first used for a fund raiser for GW Bush. Outbuildings on Bush's property, frames 33-34. Church nearby taken over by police, frames 35-37.
Crawford 7
Near Camp Casey 2: Church occupied by police, frames 0-7. Note in 7 proximity of Camp Casey 2. Police were there to protect. Crawford, TX: frames 8-19. Davidian Compound today east of Waco, TX, frames 20-24.

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